Creek and Pine is a sustainable software company focused on creating beautiful digital products that are great for your business & our planet.

Creek & Pine sustainable web company



Our approach

High performance software


We opt for cutting-edge development methodologies that ensure that our websites rank 90+ for performance. This is one of the critical factors that determine website’s ranking in Google search results.

Low carbon website

Low carbon

Software made by Creek and Pine is low carbon and pollutes at least 70% less than the industry average. We aim to rank A+, A or B for digital sustainability.

Beautiful and sustainable web design


Our design is not just visually stunning; it’s crafted with a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring a beautiful and human-centered product experience.

EU green regulations compliance


Creek and Pine ensures that your software complies with EU regulations, and help you report your digital outcomes to regulatory bodies.

Working with Creek and Pine has been an absolute game-changer. They helped us launch our new website based on sustainable principles. It boosts our business and aligns perfectly with our eco-friendly values.

Doris Vukšić – CEO at Going Public

Caring about your business starts with caring about the Earth. And She cares in return!

Creek and Pine

Committing to sustainability does not mean compromising on business goals – quite the opposite. Sustainable software is compliant, resilient, builds brand reputation and delivers tangible results such as enhanced web performance, usability, SEO ranking, and higher conversion rates. So, yes, the Earth is okay with your KPI’s, just asks you to be more mindful and take a greener route to accomplishing them.