Motivated by pressing environmental concerns of today, Creek and Pine team creates sustainable & ethical digital products of tomorrow.


Creek and Pine team, Martina Nemčić

Martina Nemčić & Kai

Sustainable Business Strategy

Martina Đođo & Pota & Dona

Sustainable Development

Creek and Pine team, Martina Đođo
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Vedran Židanik & Abuu

Sustainable Design

Marko Dobrinić & Sheeba

Sustainable Data Science

Creek and Pine team, Marko

Everything that we do at Creek and Pine is based on a set of principles developed to help us use business for good. They are constantly evaluated and updated as we learn and evolve.

Use business as a force for good! Be good to yourself, other people, other businesses, and the planet. 

Creek and Pine is more-than-just-a living wage employer. We make sure that our employees and contractors can afford to lead good lives, eat healthy, move and support other sustainable businesses in their communities. Furthermore, four weeks of vacation and full healthcare coverage is a standard.

We’re fair recruiters. We make sure that the evaluation process is transparent, and never ask or evaluate candidates based on their nationality, ethnicity or future life or professional plans. Our goal is to make the people we talk with as comfortable as possible, be respective, friendly and constructive. Also, the most important thing we’re looking for in our future colleagues is the willingness to make the world a better place.

Equality & justice as a paramount. That means awareness regarding the importance of mental health, freedom of expression, LGBTIQ+ rights, and anti-racist policies.

We support and promote non-violent employee activism focused on creating positive change. We stand by our employees by guaranteeing them the security of employment.

Equally important, our office meals and client dinners are mostly plant-based or vegetarian. We prioritize suppliers and brands committed to organic, fair trade and low waste food.

If we have to travel to work or to meet a client, we always look for the greenest option. We prioritize walking, biking and public transportation. For that reason, we co-finance public transportation, pay for annual bicycle service, and co-finance the purchase of a bicycle or bicycle equipment. If it is necessary to fly (so far it has never been), we choose the airline that uses sustainable aviation fuel, actively works to minimize their footprint, and respects their employees and customers.

In our office we’re committed to the moderate use of AC and heating, reducing and sorting waste, minimizing printing, using recycled, organic and/or FSC certified materials, and strive to use non-toxic ink. If we ever opt to design and develop our merch, it will have to be made locally, without polyester (yes, even without the recycled one) and cruelty free. 

Whenever possible, we participate in afforestation and cleaning actions. Even more, we plant a tree for every new project, and financially support water cleaning efforts in Croatia. Our plan is to join the “1% for the planet” initiative, and become B Corp certified by the end of 2025. 

Make the digital landscape greener with sustainable software. 

Firstly, we make our software green. We use media in moderation and optimize its size and format before implementation. CSS and JS are minified and clear, making our websites small in size. Colors we use are in the spectrum of smaller energy consumption. Similarly, we use system fonts or optimized custom font files. We don’t collect any unnecessary data. Another key point, all our servers run on renewable energy. 

Secondly, we make our client’s software green. We actively promote green web design, calculating the approximate energy consumption and carbon emissions of each website that we work on. Hosting provider we use for all our projects uses energy efficient servers powered by 100% renewable energy.

We only use necessary third party and service software. Before we commit to any software, we research their sustainability and ESG practices. Moreover, we track and optimize carbon footprint of our emails and video calls, regularly delete all unnecessary documents. And we don’t subscribe to unnecessary emails and email notifications.

Use existing solutions unless you can make them significantly better.  

We’re participating in global sustainable design and tech initiatives where we share our gained knowledge, non-sensitive projects, useful tools and sustainability best practices. 

Generally, if we realize that some software already works great and it is kind towards people and environment – we use it. It’s unnecessary and unsustainable to use internal and environmental resources to build new software that doesn’t provide any additional value compared to the existing one. 

In essence, we want to support companies that already did the good work, and don’t want to burden the environment with unnecessary additional development. 

Caring about your business starts with caring about the Earth. And She cares in return!

Creek and Pine

Committing to sustainability does not mean compromising on business goals – quite the opposite. Sustainable software is compliant, resilient, builds brand reputation and delivers tangible results such as enhanced web performance, usability, SEO ranking, and higher conversion rates. So, yes, the Earth is okay with your KPI’s, just asks you to be more mindful and take a greener route to accomplishing them.