Branding, Digital Strategy, Product design, Mobile design, Web design, Design systems

Branding, mobile app design and website design for a new Croatian service marketplace.

Creek and Pine, sustainable software, sustainable website design and branding case study.

Booq is a soon-to-be-launched Croatian online platform and marketplace that works to connect people who need a specific service with the best service providers – and allow everyone to spend their extra time in the best possible way.

We were in charge of branding, visual identity, native iOS and Android app design, and website design.

Crafting a Comprehensive Product Ecosystem

To support Booq’s mission, we created a holistic product ecosystem encompassing bold and vibrant branding, meticulous design and stunning illustration, as well as a comprehensive communication direction. Each element plays a vital role, collectively creating a powerful synergy that elevates Booq above their competitors, resonates with consumers, and paves the way for sustained growth and market success.

Branding and visual storytelling that build a strong brand and engage the audience

A well-defined brand establishes trust and communicates the values and personality of Booq, fostering a deeper connection with their clients. We crafter a unique visual identity and determined illustration style that is distinctive and memorable, tells the story about the creative forces behind the platform and celebrates the unique skills of people who will use the marketplace platform to find and engage with their customers.

Design system that provides consistency and ensures a seamless experience

The comprehensive design system we developed is a cornerstone of our product ecosystem, providing a consistent visual language across all mobile apps and the website, ensuring a unified and seamless experience. This cohesive and visually pleasing design not only makes our products functional but also enhances the overall user experience.

Native mobile apps and website design

We’ve designed easy-to-use native mobile apps and a website for Booq, serving both service providers, and end-users who book services. The apps are designed for smooth experiences, letting service providers manage their offerings, and users find and book services effortlessly. This simplicity extends to the presentationa website, ensuring a consistent, friendly and accessible interface, and an overall seamless journey.


Sleek, user-friendly and rich design enriched with striking illustrations to inspire and engage the end users, plus a comprehensive ecosystem and design infrastructure that supports Booq’s internal product and development teams.

Sustainability rating of the website

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