Digital sustainability services that reach & exceed your green goals.

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Digital sustainability

Assisting you in making wise business decisions, while being mindful about your digital footprint.

Using our sustainability framework we help you measure your digital environmental impact and find ways to improve. We give practical advice to designing and developing a sustainable website, and create inclusive, impactful digital experiences. 

A sustainable digital experience, either a website or a mobile app, is kinder to the environment, works better, lasts longer, attracts and engages customers and increases conversions. That’s because it’s based on empathy and conscious design and development decisions, and backed with ethically sourced and used data. 

Web carbon and performance analysis

Frontend & backend development

Design concepts and product design

Digital sustainability workshops

Web performance optimization

CMS development

Communication & reporting

Digital sustainability education

What is digital sustainability and why does it matter? 

Internet is world’s 4th largest polluter!

The Internet is one of the world’s biggest polluters, and we’re all contributing to the rise of it’s huge carbon footprint, often unconsciously. 

But how does that pollution happen? Every time we use a website or app, we contribute to the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. Digital products are not just virtual entities. They rely on servers, data centers, networks, and end-user devices, which all require electricity to manufacture and operate. The cumulative impact of all those factors globally makes the Internet world’s 4th largest polluter, surpassing the entire aviation industry. 

What is sustainable software?

Sustainable software refers to websites, web applications, or mobile applications designed and built to have minimal negative impact on the environment. It prioritizes empathy towards users, ethically collected data, energy efficiency, longevity, compatibility with older devices, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by using servers powered by green energy. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are key when it comes to this approach. They emphasize the importance of reusing resources such as code and components, rather than creating unnecessary new ones. These principles align with the concept of a circular economy, applicable even in the digital realm.

All this makes sustainable software compliant and resilient, and an amazing tool for building brand reputation and delivering tangible business results. 

Our committment to clients

Firstly, low-carbon, beautiful, high-performing software that pollutes 70% less than the industry average. 

Secondly, ethically sourced and managed data. 

Thirdly, compliance with the EU regulations and sustainable development targets. We ensure that your can be confident when you are reporting your environmental impact according to European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). During our collaboration, will measure your current digital emissions, optimize them, and give you all the tools you need to confidently report on your progress and outcomes to regulatory bodies. 

We have also set up measurable goals for our own company

In order to help shift the industry towards a zero-carbon future, we have set up measurable goals that we work towards.

By the end of 2023, we have managed that the average CO2 emission per page view of the websites we have developed from scratch is 70% less than the industry average. 

In 2024, we want to get even closer to our carbon emissions goals on all 3 Scopes. We have already optimized our Scope 1 and Scope 2, and are working hard to map and optimize our Scope 3 (value chain). 

We have already joined multiple climate action platforms for the professionals in our industry. By the end of 2024 we plan to join “1% for the planet”, and in 2025 hopefully become B Corp certified.