Geos Italy

Strategy, Product design, 3D animations, Design system, Development, CMS setup, Performance optimization

Website redesign, stunning 3D visualisations, and custom development for Italy’s leading producer of ventilated facades.

Creek and Pine, sustainable software, sustainable website design and development for Geos Italy, case study.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying relevant and eco-conscious is a constant challenge. Geos Italy, one of Italy’s leading producers of ventilated facades, wanted to redesign their website to showcase the perfect balance between design and technology in their innovative products.

To mirror the company’s commitment to sustainability and excellence, we made the strategic decision to rebuild their website using modern and fast technologies, green-hosted server and by optimizing media usage.

The art of product rendering

Our team took the lead in producing captivating 3D visualizations that showcased the precision, quality, and durability of the facade panels. These 3D renders both illustrated the assembly process, and emphasized the panels’ adaptability to meet diverse client requirements.

CMS to the win

What makes this show run in the background is the intuitive new CMS with modular content blocks, that provides a rich and intuitive user experience to the editing team. It allows the team to easily navigate the website, create custom pages and edit content. Building a background CMS that is almost 1:1 with the frontend design is a meticulous process that includes a close collaboration between a UX designer and developers. Only then we can guarantee our clients a user-friendly experience of managing their own website. We want them to enjoy editing it, because only an enjoyable experience is a sustainable experience.

Sustainability not as a facade, but as a foundation

We’ve embraced a leaner, eco-friendly design that compliments Geos’ aesthetics and enables a better customer experience. Best coding practices have been applied – all resulting in a high-performance website with swifter load times and reduced energy consumption.


Exquisite product animations and display, high performing and multilingual experience with sustainability as a foundation.

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