Martina Nemčić

Sustainability, Digital sustainability, Web sustainability

As a tech agency, we design websites, web applications and mobile applications that serve businesses and minimize the impact to the environment. However, we have also set up measurable goals for our company, to do whatever we can to help push the industry towards zero-carbon by 2030.

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As creatives, we have declared a climate emergency and joined various initiatives for a more sustainable internet, but a mere declaration is not enough. To contribute to reaching the EU’s zero-emission targets by 2030, we have established measurable goals for both our company and the work we do for our clients and are actively working towards them.

Build websites that are 70% cleaner than average in 2023

Sustainable digital products are designed for longevity and energy efficiency, and are geared towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

First goal we have set up for ourselves and our clients is that by the end of 2023, the average CO2 per page view of the websites we have developed from scratch should have been less than the industry average. Happy to declare that we have managed to reach that goal!

Currently our websites are 70% less polluting than industry average. We aim to increase that number with each new project.

How did we accomplish that?

We carefully make design decisions that result in an inclusive, user-friendly and low-carbon experience. We choose fonts and colors, optimize media to reduce data transfer and energy consumption, craft and test customer journeys to ensure they are as friendly and efficient as possible, all the while never compromising on exceptional design.

We choose CMS, frontend & backend, and mobile app technologies based on business requirements and sustainability goals. We make sure we write tidy, clean code, avoid unnecessary plugins, use JavaScript efficiently, optimize images, and, whenever required, use Progressive Web App technology. We host projects on green servers.
Our development goal is to build websites that average over 90/100 for SEO, accessibility and performance.

Reach net zero carbon emissions on all 3 Scopes in 2024

By the end of 2024, we want to reach net zero carbon emissions within our own company on all 3 Scopes.

This includes carbon emissions we create in our own operations (Scope 1), indirect emissions from the production of the energy we use (Scope 2), as well as indirect emissions produced by our wider value chain (Scope 3).

The suppliers have the most significant material impact on the company (Scope 3), which makes this task the most overwhelming. We are minimizing the number of software suppliers and are actively working to collaborate only with those that are powered by renewable energy sources, and are actively striving to minimize their environmental impact.

Join and support more sustainability initiatives, and become B Corp certified in 2024

We have already joined and support:

  • Creatives for Climate
  • Design Declares

By the end of 2024, we want to:

  • join “1% for the planet”
  • become B Corp certified

B Corp certification will be most challenging to achieve. The process is challenging because it implies a thorough understanding of all the ways in which, as a company, we contribute to CO2 emissions. We are currently analyzing all our impacts, especially those in our supply chain.

Becoming a B-Corp is essential to us because many companies we look up to are already B-Corps, and we really would like to partner with them and help them work towards a better world. The B-Corp certification is not perfect, like any other, and there are many nuances, but we appreciate the willingness of every company to go through such a process and to change towards sustainability – and we would love to become a part of that club.