Home solar eco-system company

Visual identity, Product design, Mobile app design, UX design, Illustration

Can managing a home solar eco-system be both engaging, intuitive – and green? We believe so and have given such an app a people- and eco-friendly redesign.

Mobile app design for solar eco-system

We worked closely with the client to redesign their mobile app, used by the end users to easily set up and manage their solar eco-systems and electricity, utilizing the existing house wiring!

The endeavor involved a comprehensive overhaul, introducing a fresh look and feel, refining existing user journeys, and completely redesigning the mobile app.

Vibrant eco-friendly branding and illustrations that engage and educate

The client inspired us to be bold in terms of design, and propose a direction that is sophisticated and high tech.

To encapsulate their values of accessibility, sustainability, and convenience we crafted a youthful and vibrant visual identity that is also low-carbon. It was important to us to follow design sustainability practices, and ensure that the mobile app is, at least from the design perspective, energy efficient and low carbon – meaning that it produces less CO2.

In addition to the revamped visual identity, we designed a series of illustrations that vividly depict the various components of their home solar kit, the assembly process, battery, power production and management.

Revamped user journey & gamification

New user journey was created to better onboard and empower the home solar kit owners. The entire company is all about plug and play approach, so the simplicity of the user journey was paramount.


A redesigned mobile app that is intuitive, engaging and easy to use, and better supports company’s plug-and-play approach to sustainability and green transition, promoting the simplicity of the entire process.

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