Martina Nemčić

Sustainability, Digital sustainability, Workshops

When we initially embraced the digital sustainability approach, despite sharing similar ideas, the details often got lost in lengthy explanations. To tackle this, we gathered for a discovery session, exploring the essence and value of digital sustainability.

Creek and pine company sustainable goals, digital sustainability workshop

In our collective contemplation, we delved into what digital sustainability meant to us, exploring the components that define a sustainable website and the factors contributing to sustainable design and development. We pondered why our clients and, more broadly, everyone should care about digital sustainability.

The outcomes of this session became the cornerstone of our future processes and the framework that now guides our work and communication. A crucial result was the formulation of a comprehensive set of principles for digital sustainability, coupled with internal processes grounded in transparency, inclusivity, and well-being.

Four key areas emerged from our messy post-it notes. They now inform every decision we make for our own company and our clients

We captured our ideas on post-it notes, grouping them into four key areas that soon starting to emerge:

  • User interface design
  • User experience design
  • Technical performance
  • Business impact

From there, we narrowed down all ideas, insights and perspectives to establish key characteristics of any sustainable website.

Timeless design: The design must be not only visually appealing but also customized to mirror the client’s values. It should seamlessly blend modernity with a timeless and enduring design.

Excellent user experience: The product has to be easy to navigate, with a streamlined user experience that is accessible, ergonomic, and tested for usability. It should be useful and precisely tailored to user needs.

Optimized performance: Fast and user-friendly, even on slower internet connections. Built with clean code, hosted on an eco-friendly server, avoiding unnecessary data collection, and ensuring ease of maintenance for the editing team.

Business value: Sustainable software is an ethical choice that positions companies as leaders in change, enhances their reputation, retains clients, attracts new ones, mitigates risks tied to evolving regulations, and future-proofs the brand.

In essence, embracing digital sustainability isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s a holistic approach that blends elegance, usability, environmental consciousness, and strategic business value.

This approach became the foundation of our process for crafting digital experiences that are good for brands, people, and the planet.