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We have supported the design side of the Swiss fintech unicorn’s transformation from a fintech app into a bitcoin storage vault.

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From Numbrs financial app to bitcoin self-custody. What a journey!

We supported Numbrs, a prominent financial app with over 2 million downloads of their original financial app, on their transformative strategic shift from a bank account aggregator to incorporating a bitcoin wallet, and lastly transforming into a bitcoin self-custody platform. Over the course of several years, our designer had the privilege of closely collaborating with the Numbrs’ product team to navigate and support these pivotal transformations.

We’ve helped Numbers design various digital products – from their financial mobile app, to bitcoin storage and self-custody web apps, presentational websites and marketing materials.

In the beginning, there was a financial app

Our design journey with Numbrs began with enhancing the user experience and user interface of their original financial mobile app.

The app aggregated bank account and credit card information, and facilitated mobile banking and personal financial planning. From a design perspective, the goal was to design a visually stunning and user friendly mobile app that shows the user’s overall financial health, and empowers them to make informed financial decisions.

Creating a user-centric, secure, and feature-rich mobile app for financial aggregation, mobile banking, and personal financial planning required a holistic approach that addressed users’ diverse needs. We designed, tested and iterated on features unique for such feature-rich fintech products, some of them being:

  • Seamless onboarding process
  • User-friendly dashboard that provides an overview of aggregated bank account and credit card information, along with spending habits, transactions and trends
  • Presentation of data from the aggregated accounts
  • Transaction tracking in a simple, effective and visual way
  • Expense tracking and analytics; setting the budgets, tracking expenses against those budgets, and alerts for overspending
  • Notification system for real-time alerts on account activities, low balances, upcoming bills, or irregular transactions
  • Security features
  • Investments and savings recommendations

Addition of a bitcoin wallet to the mobile app, and a start of a journey to a cryptocurrency company

In response to the rise of Bitcoin, Numbrs app, originally designed for banking account aggregation, introduced a Bitcoin wallet feature. Users got the opportunity to seamlessly manage both their regular and Bitcoin finances within the Numbrs application, and easily send and receive digital currency.

This enhancement reflected our client’s commitment to providing a unified platform that caters to users’ evolving financial needs, bridging the gap between traditional banking and the expanding world of cryptocurrencies.

To support such big update, we designed features such as:

  • Bitcoin wallet creation process within the app
  • The journey for seamless bitcoin transactions, balance and transaction history
  • Onboarding with focus on security measures
  • Notifications and alerts

Introducing Bitcoin Self-Custody

In the last transformation, The Numbrs app shifted from a financial app with integrated bitcoin wallet to a a non-custodial wallet, allowing the clients keep hold of the private keys that give access to their bitcoin.

Numbers team envisioned a self-custody platform that allows users a complete ownership of their Bitcoin with their own self-custody accounts. Unlike banks and exchanges that claim ownership over their client’s assets and can restrict their access, self-custody account provides a complete financial sovereignty, and a true ownership and control over their Bitcoin.

In the first phase of the self custody journey, self custody was introduced as a mobile app.

During the concluding phase of the self-custody journey, the client made a strategic decision to discontinue the mobile app, prioritizing an unparalleled level of security for their users. This move aimed to ensure complete autonomy and eliminate reliance on third-party intermediaries. Furthermore, the client opted for hosting the self-custody services in Switzerland, renowned for its robust data protection and privacy regulations.

In response to these requirements, we crafted a comprehensive website tailored to meet the unique needs of self-custody users:

  • Bitcoin Deposit using a QR code
  • Bitcoin transfers
  • Offline storage
  • Multi-signature functionality

It takes a village – and a great design system!

Transformations like the ones described above would not be possible without a robust, modular and cohesive design system like the one that we helped develop and maintain.

A design system not only ensures a harmonious and user-friendly experience – it also empowers the product team to navigate complexities and embrace innovations, contributing to the long-term success of the company in the competitive landscape.

A comprehensive design system played a pivotal role in the success of Numbers’ multiple big redesign projects and strategy shifts. It allowed for smooth website localizations during the complex expansion into new markets, and enabled efficient collaboration among different teams. This collaborative approach is particularly valuable when working on projects spanning multiple years, as was the case with Numbrs.


A modular and cohesive design system that played a pivotal role in the success of Numbers’ multiple big redesign projects. Digital products such as mobile apps and websites that supported the company’s strategic shifts and expansions.

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