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We partnered with one of the leading tech agencies in Croatia to enhance user experience and bring to life user interface of the smart Kasko mobile app.

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Translating the smart Kasko innovation to iOS and Android interface experiences

We worked closely with the client’s product team to help them meet their goals, and use their rough UX sketches to refine product architecture and deliver exceptional user interface design. The company’s innovative technology allows their users to easily control how and when they want to use their car insurance (“pay as you drive” principle), hence the goal was to translate that innovation to a simple and intuitive iOS and Android interface. Develop a user-friendly mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms.

Client objectives

These objectives underscored the client’s commitment to transforming the car insurance experience and embracing innovative technology.

  • Develop a user-friendly mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms
  • Translate the “pay as you drive” principle to the interface, allowing users to control when and how they use their insurance
  • Enable users to track their driving habits and receive real-time feedback
  • Tailor insurance plans based on individual driving behavior
  • Deliver an interactive prototype that is development-ready

Information architecture and design

A comprehensive information architecture was crafted from the rough sketches made by the product team. The structure aimed to create a logical flow that would guide users effortlessly through the app, with a focus on policy activation, real-time tracking and personalized insurance plans.

We through multiple design iterations to create a visually appealing and intuitive interface. We focused on a clean and modern design, ensuring that users could easily navigate through the app. Color schemes were chosen to reflect trust and reliability, and to be in line with the already established and well known corporate brand.

Interactive prototype

The culmination of our design process was an interactive prototype that showcased the app’s functionality. The prototype was development-ready, serving as a valuable tool for the client’s technical team to kickstart the implementation phase.


Streamlined user journey that enables users to activate smart insurance, track their driving habits and tailor insurance plan that fit their specific needs – delivered in a form of interactive prototype that is development-ready.

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