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Logo, Visual identity, Website Design, Development, CMS setup, Performance optimization

We’ve developed a beautiful, low-carbon web platform that kickoffs the business journey of our client and helps them tell inspirational stories of entrepreneurial heroes.

Going Public Doris Vukšić Creek and Pine web design

Going Public is not only a Public Relations agency. It is a storytelling platform dedicated to showcasing the inspiring journeys of entrepreneurs poised to make a global impact.

Collaborating closely with our client, we designed a website that mirrors her personality and expertise, and champions the businesses she has elevated.

We revamped Going Public logo, created a visual identity that resonates with her vision, developed a low-carbon, multilingual website and a CMS that empowers our client to simply write and share more inspiring stories.

New logo and visual identity

We delivered a sleek, black and white interface that spotlights our client’s story and services, as well as the narratives of their entrepreneurial heroes.

Although the project initially featured a logo that our client appreciated, they were open to the idea of a potential refresh. Striving for a comprehensive overhaul, we opted for a subtle redesign, incorporating a more contemporary font and a graphic element that not only mirrors the client’s services but can also work as a standalone element.

The result was a new logo that our client loved, seamlessly integrating with the rest of the visual identity.

CMS for an enjoyable editorial experience

What makes this show run in the background is the intuitive new CMS with modular content blocks, that provides a rich and intuitive user experience to the editing team. It allows the team to easily navigate the website, create custom pages and edit content.

Multi language experience

With the addition of the multilanguage feature, our client can now effortlessly communicate with both the local Croatian audience and international visitors. This functionality ensures that language is no longer a barrier, allowing our client to connect with a broader and more diverse range of users and potential clients. Whether reaching out to the local community or engaging with an international audience, this feature makes the client’s content more accessible and inclusive on a global scale.

Low carbon website with an A+ digital sustainability rating

By seamlessly combining aesthetics, functionality, and environmental mindfulness, we’ve created a digital space that reflects our client’s values and contributes to a more sustainable online landscape. Despite its rich visual content and multi language capabilities, Going Public website stands as a model of efficiency, producing approximately 0.05g of CO2 when loading the web pages.

Compared to similar websites, Going Public is a champion in environmental responsibility, polluting 95% less!

This eco-conscious approach not only aligns with regulations but also positions our client as a frontrunner in reducing their carbon footprint.


Revamped visual identity that resonates with client’s vision, and a low-carbon, multilingual website with accompanying CMS that empowers storytelling, and will serve our client for years to come.

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